Follow the steps to be a great footballer


Boris, a 5th grader. degree. He lives with his father Mauricio and his brother Diego. Both suffer from the absence of the mother figure. Mr. Mauricio works in a poultry shop and is a motorcycle taxi driver at night. It is a family that tries very hard to get ahead


Boris lives far from the Foundation, in Tarapata across the Vilcanota River. So every day his dad ships him and his brother to school on time. When they leave school they go to dad's work and stay with him. Your boss lets the kids be

stay until 8 pm when a family member takes you home.


They take the opportunity to do homework while they accompany Dad. Boris is very responsible, cheerful and participates in classes with great care. It is nice to see how he integrates into the classroom, helping his classmates or when he speaks in English. Also, he loves to play soccer. His dream is to be a forward and become a great scorer.