Big brother fighting for a better future


Cesar's story is synonymous with strength, he and his brother Sebastián were abandoned by their mother from a very young age and the father assumed full responsibility for their upbringing. A short time later, the father managed to rebuild his life with a good woman, today despite the fact that our students know that she is not their mother, they call her that.


The couple tried many times to give them a baby brother, but when their illusions faded, they gave them the news that they would be Santiago's parents. Now there are 3 children in the house, 3 brothers who take care of each other and give each other a lot of love. For them there are no differences.


Cesar is a very loving child. Every time he comes to school, he cheers us on in the morning with a smile. He is much loved by his peers and his dream is to become a doctor to save lives.


Regarding the pedagogical level, he has high marks in the courses. He finished fourth grade with an outstanding grade and is concerned about teaching his knowledge to his friends.