A leading boy who dreams of being a policeman.


Piero is 10 years old, is in 6th grade and has 2 brothers. His mother, Mrs. Flor de María is a warrior woman who has helped her children as she could. Seeing that, our student has also imitated his strength to overcome obstacles. Today he is a great leader, a child who radiates positivity to his classmates.


He is always aware of the academic performance of his sister, who is his accomplice in adventure and study. Both stand out for their artistic talent, they like to dance and sing, they are part of our children's choir.


Piero also likes sports, whenever he can, he encourages his friends to play a soccer game at recess or after school. When he grows up he wants to be a policeman, because according to what he has told us, he wants to put order in the streets of the Sacred Valley and not

We doubt that this is the case because he always achieves everything he sets out to do.